Cabin Door Sign Challenge

Cabin Door Sign Challenge

Real-world solo
3 points

At camp, cabin signs let counsellors and campers know whose cabin is whose. Makes sense, right? You might even want one for your own bedroom door. Even better - make one for a pal! So why not take it a step further by adding some personality to your sign? With this next challenge, you’ll get to do that that!

Make a cool sign for your pal’s bunkie door!

Make it:

  • Personalize a piece of heavy paper, like cardstock or Bristol board with your friend’s name.
  • Use craft supplies, like pipe cleaner, pompoms, and Lego pieces to decorate it.
  • Why not also give it some camp vibes by painting trees, a tent, and canoe on it? Now it’s a real bunkie sign!
  • Tape two ends of a string to the back of the sign for it to hang from.
  • Surprise your pal with the sign the next time you’re invited over for a hangout or sleepover!
  • Camp friends turned pen pals? You can mail it to them!