Pal Performance Challenge

Pal Performance Challenge

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Talent shows are a big part of most camps—and nobody is more fun to perform with than your best pal! With this challenge, you’ll come up with an act for you and your besties to perform in front of your families. If your camp bestie lives too far away, put on a camp show with one of your siblings instead. Just pick one of the performance ideas below, or try all three. Get ready for an encore!

Sing it!

Agree on a song you and your pals like, or write a new tune together! Does anyone in your group play an instrument? Add it to the show! Start practising your song a few days ahead of the performance to make sure everyone knows the lyrics or has time to practise on their instrument. Then rock your family with a one of a kind concert just for them!

Lots of Laughs!

What’s more entertaining than a comedy show? Start by asking your pals to write down their favourite jokes. Once you’ve decided who will tell each one, start practising by telling the jokes in front of each other. Remember, the most important part of any joke is the punchline! The day of your comedy show, just relax and let your jokes fly. Congrats! You made your family cry—in the best way possible!

Dance Off!

Ready to move? Sometimes you just have to dance, so why not try it in front of a crowd? Ask your pals to pick a tune that gets them moving. Listen to each song together, then agree on one that everyone likes. Next, choreograph some moves to go with the beat! The idea is to try and do the same moves together (at the same time). Everyone should try and come up with a different move for each part of the song! Once you have your routine down, get ready to bust a move. Let your audience know that they’re welcome to get out of their seat and bop along with you!