Silly Story Challenge

Silly Story Challenge

Real-world solo
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Who else can make you burst out laughing than your bestie? In fact, you’ve probably got a TON of silly stories between you … but, this one might make you LOL more than any other!

Fill in the blanks of this story then read the hilarious results out loud to a pal!

Letter From Camp

Dear your name spelled backwards,

How’s your time at farm animal Camp going? I’m loving kitchen appliance Camp!

You’d like my bunkie. Her name is favourite cartoon character. She’s from name a planet. Today something so how a snake feels happened in the tourist attraction!

We went down for mealtime, and name a video game character was serving! Our usual name a job had to sport move because he twisted his type of pasta while he was bathroom item climbing. Anyway, you should have seen what they were serving. It was deep-fried school supplies. It might sound how sand feels, but it was actually pretty how a clown acts.

Afterward, we decided to go for a something you do in nature in the kitchen appliance. It was so how you’d describe monsters! Anyway, we’re about to meet up with our someone who works at a school for a hike in the type of store.

something you do with a Frisbee you later!