Feeling Hungry Challenge

Feeling Hungry Challenge

Real-world solo
3 points

Now that you’ve won the taste test challenge and have the hang of flavours and textures in your mouth, see if you can name food by the way it feels!

Start by asking a friend or family member to blindfold you. Using the same suggested foods listed in the food detective challenge, feel each food (with clean hands) and guess what you’re touching. As you go through, think about how each one feels. Is it smooth? Is it wet or dry? Does it feel slimy or gritty?

At the end, see how well you did! Did you find this challenge easier or harder than the taste test? Touch plays a part in satisfying our senses when we chow down. The next time you’re at the dinner table, thank your senses for taking you on a flavour adventure!

*Remember to reward yourself by snacking on your test foods when you’re done!