Controller Craft Challenge

Controller Craft Challenge

Real-world solo
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Video game controllers might seem simple enough, but they pack a mean techy punch! Perhaps there is a video game controller sitting beside you right now. Grab it and take a look!

Here’s how they work: each button has a piece of metal on the bottom inside the controller. When a button is pushed, it meets two conductive strips on a small circuit board, which completes a circuit. Remember what happens from the Light it Up! Challenge above when a circuit is completed? It powers on! Then, the controller senses the connection to your game console and sends information to the computer of the console. See? We bet you have a newfound appreciation for your cool controllers!

Feeling inspired to create your own? Try making these video game controller crafts as cool decorations for your room or videogame area!

Make it:

Gather colourful cardstock paper, pipe cleaner, and glue. Then check out the video below for instructions to make your controllers!