Family Game Night Tournament Challenge

Family Game Night Tournament Challenge

Real-world parents
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Now that you’ve been reintroduced to the amazing tech inside your videogame remote and console, put them to work with an EPIC family videogame showdown!

Start by picking a night when everyone is free for a showdown. Make a list of everyone’s favourite video games and make sure they’re in the case (or downloaded) and ready to roll! Write the game names down on separate strips of paper and put in a bowl ready to pick later. Decorate the game area with your video game controller decorations (or ask your family to help you make more if you need some added flare to the room!)

Ready to play?

Pull a paper from the bowl to discover game selection. Start by playing the first game. The first person to not advance in the game is out of the challenge. Then move on to game 2. Keep going until there is one remaining champion! Bonkerific!