Geocaching Adventure Challenge

Geocaching Adventure Challenge

Real-world parents
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Being techy doesn’t mean sitting at a computer all day, and this awesome challenge proves it!

Research geocaching with your family, then try it out in your own backyard! Geocaching means using tech (like a phone) to find coordinates (or directions) of treasures left by other geocachers.

Start by researching geocaching websites like this one to understand how geocaching works.

Now plan a techy treasure hunt in your yard or a park! Start by selecting a family member to be the hider. This person will choose a spot in the yard to hide a treasure (the cache). Treasures can include anything from toys to trinkets to games. The hider should keep the treasure a secret so it’s a surprise to everyone else (the geocachers). After the hider finds the perfect treasure, they should find an airtight container to put it in along with a small booklet and pen (for a logbook). Now the cache can be hidden! No peeking, geocachers!

Real geocaching uses an app to track the coordinates (or direction) of a cache. For this at-home version, ask the hider to leave small notes in the yard with clues telling geocachers if they are hot or cold, or what direction they should move in. Or, for a techie twist, give everyone a portable device that can receive texts (e.g. a phone, tablet, or smart watch). The hider can send texts to each geocacher telling them if they are close, or even give directions!

Ready, set, go! Everyone gets out into the yard and starts searching. The first person to the find the cache wins!