Light it up Challenge

Light it up Challenge

Real-world solo
3 points

Did you know that you can make a REAL working circuit using a pencil? Think about it – tech just isn’t all around you, you can make tech with the basic things in your everday life. How Bonkers is that?!? It’s true! You will need a special pencil, called a graphite pencil. But no sweat, they are easy to find – ask an adult if they have one or kindly request a trip to the local stationary supply store.

Make it:

You’ll need: a graphite pencil, clear tape, LEDs, and a 9V battery.

LEDs and batteries are easy to find at any Hardware store, or they might even be lying around the house! Ask a parent for permission before you start.

  • Start by drawing a picture with the graphite pencil (this is what gives your lights power!). Your drawing can be of anything, but it needs to be a complete line (no breaks, except for the ones mentioned below).
  • Leave a gap in the drawing just as wide as the battery terminals (the knobs on the bottom of your battery). Also leave a gap in the drawing for each LED.
  • Tape the LED conductors down (the two metal sticks) making sure you have the positive (long) and negative (short) conductors in the same order as the battery terminals.
  • Push your battery down on the drawing.

BAM! Just like that you’ve made your own circuit drawing!