Ready for Takeoff Challenge

Ready for Takeoff Challenge

Real-world solo
3 points

Blast off with this rocket craft, and find out how the tech inside a real rocket is closer to home than you might think!

Rockets may look simple on the outside, but inside there’s a lot of tech to help them get to their galactic destinations. The guidance system in a rocket is made up of computers and sensors, radar, and communication systems that help direct the craft. Does this sound far out? It’s really not! Most cars today are also equipped with tech that helps them work properly. For instance, a car’s navigation system works similarly to one on a rocket—it also uses sensors and radar to know where to go! Not only that, most cars are actually run by computers! These computers are able to tell the driver when something needs fixing, if the driver needs to break (if they’re about to hit something), and more!

Make it:

Ready to make your own rocket? Grab a pencil, straw (reusable works!), scissors, tape and measuring tape, then follow the instructions in the video.

Ready to blast off? Mark a spot on the floor as a target (clear of people or animals). Then, take a big breath and blow into the straw to see how far you can launch your rocket! Did it meet your target?