Rock a Robot Challenge

Rock a Robot Challenge

Real-world solo
3 points

Robots are not only something found in movies, they’re very real, and they’re all around us. Some robots look more like machines—they build cars in factories, sort packages, and repair satellites in space. Other robots take on a more human or ‘bodily’ appearance. Some even have artificial intelligence abilities, which means they can be told to act like a real person using a special code. If you could design your very own robot, what would it do? Would it make your life easier by cleaning your room? Help with your math homework? Or would it just be your best bud? Think about these things as you put your creativity and tech skills to the test by building a dream robot!

Make it:

Start by collecting recyclables like cans, cardboard boxes, and containers. Also gather craft materials like tape or glue, pipe cleaner, markers, paint, googly eyes, pompoms, and buttons. Remember: ask an adult before you use anything sharp or take any supplies they might want to know about first.

Based on the materials you have, you can build a larger-than-life robot (think stacked cardboard boxes) or smaller ones (think different sized tin cans, stacked). After you create the body of the robot, have fun designing it! Does it have pie plate eyes and pipe cleaner antennae? Or multiple googly eyes and chopstick arms (alien robot mashup? Yesss!) After you work out your design, think about what you want your robo pal to do for you! Don’t forget to give it a name, too. Congrats on building your own personal robot, tech pro! You can also feel good about giving recyclables a free play by avoiding the blue bin.