Snacky Circuit Challenge

Snacky Circuit Challenge

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Get techy with this recipe!

So what’s a circuit, anyways? It’s a pathway for electricity to travel on. A simple circuit is made up of a source of energy, conductors, and a device. You can find circuits all over your home! Inside your fridge, the circuit elements include a compressor (which pumps out cold air to keep your food fresh) and the temperature control switch. If the temperature inside the fridge gets too hot, the temperature control switch will turn the compressor on until the temperature is cool enough to keep food from spoiling.

Though the circuit snack below can’t actually power on (unless you start up your imagination!), it looks pretty similar to the real deal. Plus, it makes for a yummy treat!

Make it:

Start with a rectangle base, a graham cracker works well! Then you’re going to need some wires—separated cheese string works well! Blueberries, nuts, and pretzel sticks also add a nice techy touch to your circuit board. Research “circuits” online for pattern inspiration (there are many types to choose from!) You can ‘glue’ items down using icing or cream cheese. You might think your circuit board looks too good to eat, but we dare you not to take a bite! Munch on, tech wizard!

Hungry for more information about circuits and how they work? Check out the video below to power up your knowledge while you enjoy your snack!