A-MAZEing Challenge

A-MAZEing Challenge

Real-world solo
3 points

Level up old straws and other recycling into a brain bending game! Single use plastics (like straws) are starting to make their way out of stores and restaurants—YES! But until they’re fully banned, you might find yourself in possession of a few. Instead of using them to sip on smoothies, re-up straws by making a sweet game that you can play over and over again! Don’t have straws lying around? Try using old pencils or popsicle sticks, instead.

Make it:

  • Use a pencil to draw a maze onto a box lid.
  • Glue straws, pencils or popsicle sticks on top of the lines.
  • Glue on random items, like leftover Lego pieces or wooden blocks to act as stoppers.
  • Once the glue dries, grab a marble and move it around your maze!