Super Bowl Challenge

Super Bowl Challenge

Real-world solo
3 points

Think soup cans are only good for soup? Think again – they contain dozens of games! Turn your backyard or a park into a bowling alley!

Make it:

  • Rip the labels off of 10 empty tins (make sure they’re clean inside).
  • Paint them bright colours and let them dry.
  • Stack the cans to create a pyramid shape.
  • Grab a tennis ball, then take turns with friends seeing who can knock down the most ‘pins’!

… And you thought soup cans had just ONE job!

BONUS! Use the same cans from the bowling game to create other challenges! Put the cans flat on the ground in a triangle shape and give them points values. The top can should be 100 points, the row after can be 50, 25 for the row after that, and 10 for the bottom row of cans. Make sure everyone has an equal amount of small balls (coins work, too), then take turns seeing who can score the most points!