Clean Water Challenge

Clean Water Challenge

Real-world solo
3 points

In the wilderness, the most important resource is water! But, water found in the deep woods isn’t always the cleanest. When clean drinking water is hard to come by, many people rely on a portable filtration system for clean water. This experiment will show you how water filtration systems work! But remember: this is only an experiment, so don’t drink the water that goes through your filter. Also, ask your parent’s for permission before starting this experiment. You’ll also need an adult’s help when it comes to cutting the plastic bottles for the filters.

Make it:

Start by gathering the following:

  • Three 2 litre pop bottles (keep an eye on the recycling bins near you!)
  • A measuring cup
  • Spoon
  • Stopwatch
  • Coffee filter
  • Pencil & paper

For this experiment, you’ll need dirty water, of course! You can make your own mucky liquid by mixing some soil with water.

Ready to clean your water? Check out this link!

Think about how amazing water filter systems are the next time you’re taking a refreshing sip while out on a hike!