Cool Compass Challenge

Cool Compass Challenge

Real-world solo
3 points

Create your own compass!

Once you’re out in the middle of a thick forest, it’s easy to get turned around—enter the compass! These gadgets make finding your way in the woods a cinch. How? It’s all about the magnet! Compasses work by detecting Earth’s natural magnetic fields. This helps users tell which direction is north, south, east, and west! Did you know that you can create your own compass? Just make sure you have a parent’s permission, as you’ll need to use a sewing needle for this challenge.

Make it:

Ready to create your own compass? Bonkerific!

First, gather the supplies:

  • sewing needle
  • clear container of water with a flat bottom
  • small piece of foil
  • a magnet

Watch the video below for more on how compasses work and instructions to make your own. After you make the compass, test it out to see which direction you are facing!