Take a Hike Challenge

Take a Hike Challenge

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Connecting with nature is more fun when with family, so check out this challenge and become the ultimate outdoor explorer fam now!

Start by doing an online search for nature trails in your area with your family. Once you find one that everyone agrees on, check out the weather for the week ahead and pick a day that works for everyone.

The night before: everyone packs a small backpack of necessities, like water, bug spray, sunscreen, and snacks.

The day of: make sure everyone wakes up nice and early—it’s best to start a hike early in the day when you have lots of energy!

On the hike: pick a leader while you’re hiking, and be sure to switch often so everyone gets a turn. While you’re out on the trail, see if you can identify the trees around you using the guide from the solo challenges. You could even turn it into a game—the first person to spot a specific tree wins!

Level up! remember to use your skills from the solo challenges here! Impress your family with a secret Morse code message, name all the trees on the trail, and remind your fam that you’re a pro at building shelters if needed!

Once you’ve completed the trail, take a family selfie so you can always remember your outdoor adventure!